What Is E-Sports?

Electronic Sports or E-Sports for short is the name for competitions that involve playing video games. It has been around as long as the video games themselves. What started with the Space Invaders Tournament organised by Atari in the year 1980 in which competitors played on the classic arcade game, has grown and developed over the last couple of decades to become a large part of what attracts people to video games via PCs and consoles in the first place. The type of games played in E-Sports tournaments has changed with the improvement of internet and networking technology.

What Is Involved In E-Sports Matches And Tournaments?

Players participating in e-sports games either play in singular one on one matches or as part of a teams in team orientated challenges. Though many different types of games are played competitively, the most common tends to be racing, MMOG (Massively-Multiplayer Online, first person shooter, fighting and real strategy games. Players can compete at three different levels – amateur, semi-professionally and professionally. There are often cash prizes up for grabs to the winners, particularly in the more organized tournaments and leagues, such as the Major League Gaming and the Global StarCraft II League.

What Games In Particular Are Played?

Over the years from the early stages with Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, the type of games played in e-sports has changed. Nowadays people play games like Halo, Street Fighter, FIFA, Warcraft 3 and StarCraft II competitively. Battle.net who run the Warcraft II and Defence Of The Ancients are two of the most popular, along with Quake Live and Quake 4 from the famous ID Software series, which could be credited with revolutionising the way e-sports were played the their Death Match competitions.

More and more casual gamers are taking part in e-sports style gaming via the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network platforms, with games the number of games that are released with special online play modes increasing every year. In fact most FPS style games tend to have an online playing mode as standard. As games like World Of Warcraft, FIFA, Halo and Call Of Duty continue to dominate the gaming charts, it seems that e-sports will be as popular and relevant as it ever was and continue to remain an integral part of the gaming world.